José Rizo

José Rizo

Monday, December 6, 2010


Painting exhibition.

2011.January 13th - 2011. February 13th.

     This entire exhibition is another attempt to understand the boundary (if there is one) that divides my work as the author of the paintings from the creative work of the world that surrounds me. Where, or rather what is that thin line that divides what I create from what "others" create in my own mind? I only owe a glass through which I see other´s creation. I paint about the world that inspires me, but in fact, that world is made of music that someone else composed, lyrics that someone else wrote, and all kind of influences of other people´s lives.

      If I paint a story, or a feeling, or a sensation that involves -as it often happens- a dark, smoky underground bar, with strange or common people dancing around me, chatting around me, drinking beside me, telling me their stories or keeping them away from me, how can I say that I am the author of that work, when I know I didn´t invent such a place, nor such a music? How would I get the credit when I didn´t create that girl dancing alone with eyes closed crashing against everyone around her? How can I be sure that the inspiration is entirely mine, if it comes from the beautiful girl drinking next to me, fixing her hair with one elbow on the bar?
     This is why there is going to be music playing during the vernissage, and there is going to be an after party in a small, dark underground bar, with music that explains my work and my inspiration by itself, better than I do with words. It will be an attempt, and an invitation to "live" instead of only "see" my paintings. I paint with acrylic, but should I say that the technique is rather music, lyrics, beer, smoke, people, nights?

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     You are cordially invited to my new painting exhibition, this January of 2011. The vernissage is going to take place the 13th of January, Thursday, at 19:00hrs, and it´s going to be held by the art historian Krisztina Kovács. The place: D2 GALLERY, located in: Tűzoltó street 59; Budapest, Hungary.
     This is a quiet special moment for me, because after many years, I am painting again... In the past years I have been struggling in a fight against all kind of ghosts and demons, leading me to this "chapter" of my painted autobiography.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


"Styles are temporary; they don´t belong to the lands, but to the centuries."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Octavio Paz on critics:

[... Critic is not even a translation, although it would be its ideal: It is a guide. And the best critic is even less: just an invitation to do the only act that truly counts: TO SEE...]

Sunday, November 28, 2010

RAAD´s philosophy:

[... Moral and aesthetic lesson of which artists and writers should think carefully:
Works stay, statements vanish, they are smoke. Ideologies come and go, but poems, temples, sonatas and novels remain...]

Octavio Paz on Luis Barragán.