José Rizo

José Rizo

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SZINESZTÉZIA - exhibition series in DOBLO

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The event starts with José Rizo´s paintings the 16th of March...

[synesthesia] A sensation that normally occurs in one sense modality occurs when another modality is stimulated.

A taste that feels like silk? A color that feels cold? A sweet smell? All of this is synesthesia, and for this reason, why we have chosen it as name for our exhibition series. DOBLO Wine Bar has  been enchanting our senses with its gastroculture for two years, but now in cooperation with ARTROBE Online Stylshop, it is willing to charm our visualization as well. Photographers and painters, promoted by the webshop, will make one of Budapest's most beautiful places even more extraordinary.

The concept is simple. Introducing young promising artists to the public open for high class gastronomy; providing an opportunity for talented artists to  step out from the well known professional community debut on a new market. DOBLO-s aim is not to compete with the gallerias, rather to show the artworks implementation in our common surrounding and the visual experience provided by them.

Each artist will be introduced on a two weeks individual exhibition, with selections of themselves. The spine of the series will be the two and a half weeks of Art Moments, where a group exhibition of the artist will be set up.

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